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St Petersburg College Health Services Administration Ethics Discussion

Post A)

There are many reasons why being ethical is important. Being an ethical person is what contributes to a positive personal life and business life. When you are an ethical person people are going to trust you and hold you to a higher standard compared to someone who is not ethical.

I think attitude is what defines each persons’ ethics. Yes, two people can be in the same position in a professional environment and have different ethical standards. These two people may cause confusion among their staff, but one persons’ weakness is another persons’ strength and when they collaborate is when they can navigate through challenges.

We all define a great leader in different ways. We all can agree integrity is important in a leader. The definition of integrity is going to vary with everyone (Dye, 2016), but we all want to trust our leaders and believe they are fair, sincere and a decent human being.

I do not think you could be a positive leader without integrity and morals. In order to be a great leader people need to look up to you for the positive things you accomplish. Being a great leader is inspiring others to do good and work hard.


Dye, C. (2016). Leadership in Healthcare: Essential Values and Skills, Third Edition (3rd Edition). Health Administration Press.

Post B)

Ethics are important because it gives an individual a framework for life and decision making. Personal ethics vary widely as every person has a different worldview. Assuming an individual you interact with has a sense of ethics can guide you on how the interaction will go and the consequences of these interactions that follow. A persons ethics is defined and manifested in their actions and how they treat people or make decisions that could affect others> An example of an ethical dilemma in this case could be someone providing a loan to someone who really cannot afford it and could set the person back financially. Two people in the same position such as a physician can have very different ethics. One person could have a standard of care that is far below what is needed for the patient but they may not even care and another in the same organization would never do that. Integrity is extremely important as it sets an example to your direct reports and gives them confidence that their leader will do what is right even if it does not directly advantage them. I do not believe you can be an effective leader and not have solid morals/ethics.


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