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St Petersburg College Psychology in American Horror Story & Level 16 Discussions

Respond to the following posts

A) The name of the show  I watched is American Horror Story.

In the show I have observed three women one child (girl) and 2 men and also one unidentified creature.

The purpose of interaction was the family moving to another city for the summer time so the father can work and write a script for an upcoming pilot.  The mother is pregnant and the daughter is a violinist. Both the mother and daughter did not seem to thrilled about moving to another city for the summer.

The setting helped to influence the behavior of the family. As soon as the family arrived and settled into the house the mother and daughter went for a walk to explore the town, throughout the exploration they ran into a creature like thing that chased and freaked them both out. Having to get police involved to investigate. 

B)1. Write the name of the show. “Level 16”

2. How many people you observed ( males, females, kids). There seems to be three main characters so far. There are two young girls and then a lady with blond hair in a black dress. However, there were many other girls that seemed to be in a school or whatever it was that only focused on young girl’s and modifying there behavior to be in uniform and exact. 

3. What you believe the purpose of their interaction was.(i.e. what is happening in their interaction, are they arguing, sad, angry, concerned about something  etc…) The girls are in sequence and have a uniform way of living with many set boundaries by the women in black. 

4. Did the setting influence their behaviors in any way. (i.e. if they are in a library did that influence how they behaved). The girls seemed to be a in institution or school and they did not show many emotions unless something was offsetting in their routine they followed.  

5. If you took the challenge and watched the show with no sound ( paying close attention to body language and facial expressions), you will include: without having volume it was harder for this kind of show to tell too much about what was really going on. Some gestures that were made did not add up for me without having sounds.  

6. How accurate were your observations? Since I watched in silence and then came back and watched it with volume my overall assumptions on what this show was about was pretty spot on. The demeanor of the show did not change for me when I watched it with volume. The mood was still very uniform and strict. 


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