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Stamford Write a Program that Allows One to Enter Your Registration Computer Coding

Instructions – Attempt all the questions. This is individual work – You have up-to 2 hours to have shown your work for assessment – Progression from one Question (or sub-question) to the next will be after demonstrating to the lecturer the preceding Question (or sub-question). 

Questions 1. Required: Write a program that allows one to enter your (student) registration number and display the same on the screen. Example registration numbers are: SCCI/01926/2013, SCCJ/01926/2013 [5 Marks] 

2. You are implementing a students’ attendance system and the initial parts are to work as follows: 

i) Registration – Allows one to Enter registration number made up of a course code, serialization and year of admission. A course code can either be SCCI or SCCJ. The serialization number must be a six digit number. The valid admission years are between 2013 and 2020. – You allow the user to register three students at once and the serialization number is unique to each student. – Display the details of the three students registered 

ii) Actual student attendance – you notice that there are several objects involved. You are to identify as many as possible (with a minimum of three objects) based on your experience at the University. For each you are to upload in the eLearning (CAT 1 Section) a document showing: Object/Class Name, at least 3 properties of each Object and at least two Methods of the object Object/Class Properties Methods • • • • • • • • • – Indicate the classes that form a hierarchy with a parent class and a child class clearly indicated. Required: 

a) Implement the registration and show the lecturer [10 Marks] 

b) Implement the code for

ii) above showing: classes with constructors (be clear on the inheritance implementation). Have a class though which the working of the application can be demonstrated.


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