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Standford University Anatomy Injury on Bone Discussion Board

This is an assignment that requires only one post to the discussion board. The post includes a photo and a report.

Take a picture or find a picture of yourself or someone you know who can help with the history of the injury. We are looking for bone injuries or bone surgeries used for corrective care (like bunion osteotomy).

The photo must show the injury described. For instance if you have a picture of a hand and you tell us about a radial head fracture, you do not get these points. If you absolutely can not find a friend or relative’s photo take a picture of your own body part that shows the fracture or surgical procedure that you want to discuss.

In-text citation is required. A works cited section (bibliography) is required at the end of the report. We are looking for APA style. See course resources for help here. A maximum of 5 points will be earned if you do not include in-text citation. Reports missing works cited (bibliography) receive 0 points.

Explain the bone injury or surgical sight. What type of a fracture is it (be specific from your text under bone fracture and repair.

Explain the cause of the injury or the need for the surgery

Name the bone involved and name the part of the bone involved (such as the proximal anterior metaphysis of the femur

Describe the healing process that is or has taken place (use the text book for this with the stages of bone healing)

Name every bone in order from the injured bone to the most central bone. The most axial (central) part of the body is the spine. Remember that the scapulae attach to the sternum through the acromioclavicular (AC) and sternoclavicular (SC) joints.

Name every bone in order from the injured bone to the most peripheral bone in the body. The most peripheral bones in the body are the phalanges.

These are difficult to grade. Be sure to use your text book as your primary reference plus add in internet resources or pathology texts and nursing texts or resources as needed.


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