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Standford University The Puzzle Essay

First essay:

We encounter technology in nearly every aspect of our lives.

We are going to step back and think about areas of our life that are not impacted (or minimally impacted) by technology.

1. Come up with three areas of life or categories where technology has a limited impact. Think of broad areas of life – such as creativity. Each of your examples should belong to a different broad category. Painting a picture, writing a poem and creating pottery are all examples of creativity so those are all examples of the same category. You need to come up with three different and unique categories or areas of life.

2. Explain how these areas of life are completely or mostly technology free.

3. Do you think this will continue or will technology overwhelm these areas?

Your homework should be at least 3-4 paragraphs (a paragraph is comprised of 3-5 complete sentences).

Second essay:

Open the Maze file under today’s Module.

You may want to print it out and gather a few color pens/crayons).

Attempt the 4 different Maze Approaches from the PPT.

Answer the questions below:

Explain how you attempted the 4 approaches to solve the maze.

(Which approach did you try first, second, third, fourth? Why? )

Which approach did you find most useful? Why?

Did you find another approach to use? If so, Explain.

(Should take 3-4 paragraphs to answer/explain.)

Third essay:

Pretend you have been given a 9.000 piece puzzle to assemble. 51iF5X6Kj1L._AA160_.jpg

Your task is to develop a process to solve this puzzle as quickly as possible.

Think about the steps of the Program Development Life Cycle: (You may want to refer to the PPT)

1 – What is your goal?

2 – What is your plan?

3 – Develop your test algorithm (specific steps you will employ to solve the puzzle)

4 – Debug – what’s working, what isn’t working, how can the algorithm be improved?

5 – Document your findings by updating and creating your final algorithm.

Use lists and/or paragraphs as appropriate. There should be 3-4 paragraphs worth of info.


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