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Stanford University Legislative and Administrative Tax Authorities Questions

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Assignment Details

The assignment below will assess your knowledge and understanding of legislative and administrative tax authorities, and your ability to apply that knowledge to solve problems.

You will use CCH IntelliConnect (aka CCH Omnitax or AnswerConnect) exclusively for your tax research for this course (access provided through the Library).

Answer the following homework problems thoroughly and in complete sentences. Save your answers in a Microsoft® Word® document and submit them to the Dropbox.

  1. Discuss the importance of the following important dates in the tax history of the United States: 1954, 1939, 1913, 1895, and 1861?
  2. What 3 actions can the President take when a tax bill reaches his/her desk and what is the result of each of those actions?
  3. What modification was made to Code Sec. 53(e)(2) as a result of the Technical Corrections Act of 2007?
  4. What is the title of Section 111 of P.L.. 113-295?
  5. Prepare a citation for each of the following assuming the information provided below is accurate:
    1. 51st Revenue Ruling of 2005 that is found on page 389 of the 3rd volume of the Cumulative Bulletin
    2. 15th Revenue Procedure in 2017, found in the 19th weekly issue of the Internal Revenue Bulletin on page 821.
    3. Examples of the tax treatment of qualified residence interest when secured debt does not exceed the adjusted purchase price found in the 2nd subparagraph of paragraph (c) of the 10th (temporary) Regulation in Code Section 163 related to Type 1 Tax Regulation (income tax).
  6. Find and cite a TAM that answers the question of whether a television station license is of “like kind” to a radio station license. Indicate its holding.
  7. Find and cite a PLR that answers the question of whether race car fuel (110) is subject to the excise tax on gasoline. Indicate its holding.
  8. Find and cite two AODs related to the Sidney Olson Tax Court case. Indicate each AOD’s holding and explain why are there two?

    Everett, J. O., Henning, C., & Nichols, N. (2016). Contemporary Tax Practice: Research, Planning and Strategies (4 ed.). Riverwoods, IL: Wolters Kluwer.


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