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Starbucks Financial Analysis Report

Part 1

You must label each answer with the number of question. All answers must be complete sentences using proper grammar and spelling.

Use the same company you used for Chapter 4 discussion. Based on the 10K answer the following questions.

If you did not complete Discussion chapter 4, please feel free to post in Chapter 4 – Annual report Company choice now. Select a public company. Obtain the company’s 2020 annual report – Form 10-K. Remember some companies year ends are not December 31. Part of this assignment is to figure out how to find a 10-K. Please refer to Chapter 4 – Company Annual report to choose company. Company can only be used by one person, first come first served. If two people report on the same company, the first person to choose will get a grade the second person will receive a zero. If you do not list your company, you will also receive a zero.

Requirements – You will need to look in the notes of the financial statements to find the details for most of the following questions. Do not copy and paste. Make sure you review the financials for the way the numbers are displayed. In the information about the financials it will say all the numbers are reported in thousands or millions. Ex: the financials display 100 for expenses which could mean 100,000 or 100 million. Do not copy and paste. 

What deprecation method(s) does the company use to compute depreciation expense? The company may use different methods for different categories of assets. List the page number information was found.

List the fixed assets by category including purchase cost, accumulated depreciation (AD)  and book value (BV).  Ex: Building, cost 202,000, AD 50,000,  BV 152,000.  List the page number information is found. 

List the intangible assets by category including purchase cost, amortization,  and book value. List the page number information was found.

Compute the fixed asset turnover ration. Show the formula and math. List the page number information was found. 


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