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State University of New York College Comparison of RDA v Personal Intake Worksheet

so I need a diet with meals includes for someone with diabetes

Disorder experienced: Diabetes

Micronutrient: calcium

RDA: 1,000 mg

Upper limit: 2,500 mg

Dietary analysis log (current diet, not intended)

Meal one

Food #1: #

Food #2: #

Food #3: #

Meal two (if applicable)

Same format as meal one

Snack (if applicable)

Same format as meal one

Meal three (if applicable)

Same format as meal one

Additional meals (if applicable)

Total (in appropriate unit)

# + # + # + # + # = #

# / # (personal RDA) = #% of personal total RDA

Comparison of RDA versus personal intake

Note if the current diet is adequate, excessive or inadequate.

Conclusion/plan for change: if the situation is not ideal, discuss the potential consequences, and the plan for change to reduce the potential of suffering the consequences; if the situation is ideal, discuss the potential benefits being received by meeting the RDA.

Note: While it is advisable for most students to exercise simplicity and select a disorder that is already presented in the text, some students may wish to cover a disorder that is not addressed in the text. In such a case, be sure to provide an ACADEMIC source (peer-reviewed, with components such as abstract, intro, methods, etc.; not random internet articles that sound scientific)

Step 1: Select a common disease/disorder that can be alleviated by appropriate micronutrient consumption; it can be one experienced, currently being experienced, or in desire of being avoided. This is the foundation of the assignment.

Note: unacceptable examples include deficiencies named after the micronutrient and obesity (if the obesity is caused by a “hormone imbalance”, state the name of hormone disorder); these are nutrient imbalances. Eating disorders are also unacceptable, do not select an eating disorder.

2.Focus on one micronutrient. Provide the micronutrient’s RDA based on personal needs (if you are a female, do not use a male’s RDA, for example), and upper limit (if an upper limit for the micronutrient selected has not been established, explicitly state this) .

Step 3: Provide a food log, analyze how much of the particular micronutrient selected is being consumed, and compare the actual intake versus the micronutrient’s established RDA to determine if the actual intake is adequate, inadequate or excessive based on the established upper limit.

The food log is to address one day’s intake of food, but once again, focus only on the micronutrient selected; do not include macronutrients as done in the previous NAAs, or other micronutrients.

Note: Some nutrition labels do not provide the actual quantity and units of the micronutrient on the label, but instead provide a percentage. Students would have to work backwards, utilizing the percentage given and multiplying it by the RDA to obtain the actual quantity.


Vitamin X (currently not a recognized vitamin, do not research it): 10% per serving

Servings eaten: 2

RDA: 500 mg

Vitamin X amount consumed: 0.1 * 2 * 500 = 100 mg

Also note, if the math utilized above does not make sense, it is highly advised that the student seek a math tutor to refresh/teach the fundamental math utilized above.

Step 4: Close with a statement noting the difference between the RDA versus actual personal intake, and what personal changes can be made to improve on intaking the micronutrient if a deficiency or excess is discovered.

If assistance is needed, make it a priority to see me during office hours or attend the provided workshop in order to improve the chances of receiving a favorable grade on this assignment.


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