Help me study for my Computer Science class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

give all the assignments of the 3parts in separate files.


Case Study: Need Abstract ,Conculsion and answer the two questions.

1)What makes Samsung a conglomerate? What type of diversification does Samsung pursue? Identify possible factors such as core competencies,economies of scale, and economies of scope that were the basis of its past success as a widely diversified conglomerate (chaebol). Why is Samsung as a conglomerate struggling today?

2)Despite being a widely diversified conglomerate, Samsung prefers vertical integration: in-house design and development teams,manufacturing in large company-owned factories, and coordinating a sprawling global supply chain. In contrast, Apple concentrates on the design (and retail sales) of high-end mobile devices, while it outsources its production to Foxconn and others. Do you think Samsung’s high degree of vertical integration contributed to its recent problems?Why or why not? Explain.



Describe the elements of organizational culture and explain where organizational cultures can come from and how they can they be changed(150 words).Also need 2 replies of 100 words each.



What are the most interesting things you have learned from this course?(on strategic management)

( Provide a short answer up to 2 paragraphs following the APA writing style)