I don’t understand this Political Science question and need help to study.


Discussion 1:

The states of Tennessee and Kentucky are east-central states that border each other in the United States. They sustain a great deal of national infrastructure capabilities; all that could be targeted by nefarious groups. Because they border each other, they share many natural geographic dimensions, environmental factors, and cultural issues. Each has produced a Homeland Security Strategic Plan. Please review, analyze, and compare & contrast the two the mission and vision statements. You may have to do some digging.

Discussion 2:

Before answering this week’s questions, make sure you review the City of Chicago Homeland Security site. Determine how the city conducts a SWOT analysis to support Homeland Security planning. Is a formal SWOT analysis accomplished or is it embedded in their threat and hazard identification and risk assessment (THIRA) planning? Make sure you defend your answer, using the reading material and, if necessary, outside research. Take a look also at the New York City Emergency Management Strategic Plan and reflect on how it differs from the City of Chicago efforts. It can be found at www.facebook.com/nycemergencymanagement .

Discussion 3:

Take the week off from discussions for the 4th of July…Having our independence is only as good as sustaining our Homeland Security. Have a good one…Just check-in and reply that you have read this…That way you get full credit for the discussion this week.