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Strategic Problem Solving Skills and Management Information Systems Discussion

PART 1: To succeed in the field of management information systems, you need to be an excellent problem solver. In your initial post in the discussion topic, address the following:

  • Explain how you are a problem solver, either in your personal or professional life.
  • Share your educational goals and any personal details you would like fellow classmates to know about yourself.
  • Discuss your thoughts on how management information systems impact your life personally or professionally. Make sure you use the terminology from the required reading in this module to underscore the connections to the course. Feel free to comment on any of the aspects the characters discussed.

In your responses to at least two of your peers, discuss different perceptions on how management information systems impact our lives. Do you agree or disagree with your peers’ post? Explain.

PART 2 : You will discuss an article that covers how spreadsheets are leveraged in management to inform decisions.

In your initial post, using what you learned from the Using Excel to Make Strategic Managerial Decisions article, think about a past or present situation where data could have helped or can help you make an informed decision. Describe the situation and the kind of data that would have or could still help you.

In response to your peers, consider how their experiences are similar to or different from yours. Do you have any additional suggestions about using data that could help inform their situations?

PART 3: indicate how this course relates to your course of study, and discuss your career goals after graduation. Next, review the five case studies available in the HBR coursepack:

  • GasBuddy: Fueling Its Digital Platform for Agility and Growth GasBuddy is an established app-led company in the travel app industry. They are facing competitive pressure that has led a new management team to make changes across areas of culture, digital platform, and product line; these changes are tested during the events of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.
  • Partnering Parents Parentune is in the service industry, networking parents in any stage of parenting to experts. Growing competition and the changing needs of millennial parents have forced the CEO to evaluate their plan for continuous improvement.
  • Aadhaar: India’s “Unique Identification” System This case looks at the challenge facing the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). With no existing method for identity verification on a national level, the UIDAI was tasked with the issuing 1.2 billion unique IDs by 2020. The case focuses on the implementation of an unprecedented technology project, as well as changing minds in a bureaucracy.
  • The UK National Identity Card This case looks at the attempt by the UK government from 2002–2010 to relate citizenship with a national identity smartcard. This is relevant today in relation to information systems theory.
  • F-Secure Corporation: Software as a Service (SaaS) in the Security Solutions Market This case describes F-Secure, a “Software as a Service” business that entered an established industry with a disruptive new service model.

Finally, indicate which case study is of most interest to you for use in your final project and why.

In your responses to your peers, share your relevant experience and the best practices that have been helpful to you.



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