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Stratford University Ethical Behavior Discussion Paper

Think about a situation in which you  have witnessed someone engaging in unethical behavior but you failed to  do anything about it. (If you can’t think of an example from your own  experience, imagine yourself in the position of someone you know about  who has witnessed such a situation.) Do you wish you had done something?  What would it have taken for you to speak up, either to stop the bad  behavior or to report it? How could a person in a position of authority  have made it easier for you to take action?

Peer 1

Unethical behavior refers to actions that are contrary to social norms and mostly unacceptable. I encountered it when serving as a project manager and some members failed to keep up with the milestones. Therefore, they skipped some of the tasks and submitted their deliverables after extrapolating on previous projects’ findings (Gallo, 2015). The acts affect the project credibility and could later lower my organization’s competitiveness in the automotive sector. Even though I was aware of the malpractices, I signed their findings and claimed the project had prudently achieved all the deliverables.

I wish I had done something regarding the incident since my roles were oversight and control over the project progress. Reporting, speaking up, and stopping the incident introduce dilemma since the project sponsor would have thought I failed to appropriately plan the project. I would also have wasted time and complete the project after the due dates. Nevertheless, the strategies could ensure the project protects the organization from potential threats (Brookins, 2019). They also prove my honesty and integrity in the tasks offered, thus raising my recognition and confidence.

Stopping the behavior requires creating a code of conduct that all members comply with void of deviations. For instance, each milestone should be completed and submitted before proceeding to subsequent ones (Brookins, 2019). I should also lead as an example in all my actions to stimulate followership in the organizations. Moreover, the best performing employees requires appreciation to increase their commitment towards their actions. The assessment also illustrates need for project sponsors to frequently interact with the project members (Brookins, 2019). The authority they wield lowers laxity and ignorance in project execution.

Peer 2

The present scenario is to work on the aspects mentioned in the discussion question. Here, the question is to use experience in knowing the ethical concerns and variating the unethical behavior within the organizational ecosystem. To work on this, knowing the differences and the exempting ways of relieving and handling ethical aspects is a crucial activity. I want to describe the situation based on the imagination where if I were to be a part of such an act, I would make use of my knowledge and go into the ethical path (Greenbaum et al., 2017). This means that if someone close to me engages in any unethical activity, I will make sure that it follows a series of justice to work with the business conceptions. Yes, I would have done something in sorting out the mistake done from an unethical perspective. As any business domain does not encourage unethical aspects inside the business community, it is irrelevant to do such activity.

Moreover, hence I would work with the people on the top line to take action according to the policy rules of the business. I will first attempt to stop the unethical behavior that was taking place if I can do it (Simha & Parboteeah 2020). If it is a situation that I cannot handle, and if it were out of my hands, I would plan to report such action such that the higher authorities would take charge of it. In dealing with the aspects that were crucial to build and make changes, it is important to follow guidelines in a business community; it is not that just one follows and is enough but every person who relates to the business in the management of it either directly or indirectly has to follow the ethical regulations and hence need to be worked based on the policy rules that they have attempted to make sure to follow at the time of initial offerings. 


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