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Strayer University Area Blue Technology New Venture Game Plan Essay

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Assignment 1: New Venture – Game Plan
Format: Paper
Due: Week 3, Day 7 (Weight: 20%)
Throughout this course you will develop a plan to design and implement a new product or service. You have
three options, depending on whether you identify as an Intrapreneur, an Entrepreneur, or a Nonprofit leader.
Your first step is to select or develop an innovative “big idea” for ONE of the options below:
Option A – Intrapreneur
Choose a product or service that could be added to your organization’s portfolio. You may use
your current company or another company that interests you. The Resource in your
Assignment 1 Resources titled Models of Intrapreneurship describes several models for
intrapreneurial initiatives that you can consider for your venture.
Option B – Entrepreneur
Identify one business idea that you could launch as a start-up business. The resource in your
Assignment 1 Resources titled Organizational Chart Template provides a model for the
structure of your new business.
Use the source below to research business ideas:
Research Source:
Option C – Nonprofit
Identify a nonprofit idea that will serve a community. The Resource in your Assignment 1
Resources titled NPO Organizational Chart Template provides a model for the structure of your
new community organization.
Use the source below to learn about creating a nonprofit organization:
Research Source:
For Assignment 1, you will write a Game Plan paper, in which you describe your innovative “big idea”, craft
your vision for its implementation, and assess the idea’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the major
opportunities and threats in the market. Your paper will be 3 to 4 pages long.
NOTE: When writing a business plan, avoid the use of first person; use the name of the company instead.


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