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Strayer University Creating Value Discussion Response

For whom are you creating value?

My new vegemite-like product coined Amerimite (for now) will build value for both the customer and Heckler Brewing Company (Kawasaki, 1). For customers, they will gain access to a delicious product that can be used in a multitude of ways that is fortified with plenty of vitamins and nutrients. These customers will primarily be American in nature before the possibility of expansion since many Americans have never tried let alone have seen a similar product on our shelves. Moreover, customers such as ex-pats from the UK or Australia will gain easier access to a similar product rather relying on shipments from overseas or one off regional based stores to curb their cravings for this popular spread.

Additionally, this creates value for Heckler Brewing Company as it builds another revenue stream in a market that doesn’t even exist in the USA. The fact that vegemite products are a byproduct of brewers yeast, makes it easy for us recycle ingredients that we already use and repurpose them after use for additional profits. Moreover, as we learned in this weeks videos from Tio’s Gazpacho, CBG companies could very well attempt to buy in to our product, which enables us to either sell our product on a more macro scale or to sell out to a bigger company (Tio, 2). Either way the revenue streams from either selling this product or selling the recipe to a company such as Kraft could result in an increased profit margin, which will enable us to expand the brewery, which is the primary focus of heckler brewing company.

Who are your most important customers and where is the customer experiencing the product or service (in person, online)

Our most important customers will be our local following, ex-pats, and military members (foreign) in the area. Since we are located outside of Fort Bragg, foreign military members including Aussies and the English are often in the area which builds an inherent opportunity to sell our products. That being said, our products will be available for tasting on site and available for purchase both online and on site.

What value do you deliver to the customer? Which customer needs are you satisfying?

As previously stated, this product is not only untapped in the American market it is also highly nutritious. That being said, the product is also vegan, which does provide some value to those who are environmentally and health conscious in terms of a vegan/eco lifestyle. Moreover, ex-pats living in the Americas has a difficult time finding and acquiring their regional dishes, so having something home grown to satisfy their needs is also delivering value to them as they chose to live here in America.

Which one of your customer’s problems are you helping to solve?

We are solving a few problems, but holistically, I would say providing a nutritious and healthy alternative spread to the standard American diet is critical. As a fitness and health buff I am disgusted by how much sugar and artificial stuff we consume, especially during breakfast. I believe that providing something that is (even if only marginally) healthier to the masses is critical to solve a much great epidemic of bad health here in America. Granted this is a wider problem, but in my opinion it is a bigger issue than some of the other problems such as availability of similar products or providing tastier options.

1. Kawasaki, Guy, The Art of the Start 2.0, 2015, Penguin Group

2. Tio Gizpacho, Video Week 3

3. JWI 575 New Business Ventures and Entrepreneurship Week #3 Lecture Notes


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