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Strayer University Development of Deviant Life Paths Responses

Part 1: (150 Words)

The labeling theory emphasizes the significance of society’s response to a criminal and points to the process through which a person is defined as a criminal as a significant contributory factor in determining future criminality.

  • Using the Internet, examine the career and life of an entertainer who is frequently in the spotlight due to deviant or criminal behavior (such as Robert Downey, Jr., Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Bill Cosby, Travis Scott, Chief Keef, Soulja Boy, Justin Bieber, or R. Kelly).
  • Next, discuss the labeling theory and social process theory as they apply to your chosen entertainer. Provide examples that support your position.

Part 2: (150 Words)

  • Respond to the following statement. (This response has nothing to do with the Part 1. This response has to be unique and is its own separate page.)
    • “For this week’s discussion, I selected to examine Justin Bieber’s criminal records. During my research on the entertainers’ criminal records, I came across an article published by the Crime Museum, detailing major Bieber’s criminal activities. The Canadian pop star who shot to fame in 2010 through YouTube has a history full of criminal activities. His criminal track record started in early 2013 when he was photographed smoking marijuana. However, he was not charged after he provided a public apology over the issue. Two months later, he was attacked by a paparazzo in London. Once again, he was not charged for his crimes. The following year, he was arrested for flouting several traffic rules including drunk driving, driving on an expired license and resisting arrest. He was arrested but was freed on a $2500 bond the following day. A week later, he was charged with physically assaulting his driver and a month later, he was charged for a felony after he vandalized his neighbour’s house. The labelling and process theories of criminality can be used to explain Bieber’s criminal conduct and behaviour. According to the labeling theory of crime, how society perceives or treat people can lead to criminality. This is evident in Bieber’s case where lack of charge and releasing him on cheap bonds significantly contributed to his criminality as he knew he could easily get away with any crime.”


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