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Strayer University Horizontal Restraint and Vertical Restraint Discussion

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Discuss the following: 

  • In today’s economy, there are a wide number of powerful companies who in all appearances control massive segments of different markets. Using the Strayer Legal Research database or the FTC website below, research and provide one case example IN YOUR HOME STATE, within the last three years, of a company or entity engaging in anti-trust activity in violation of the law.  Explain why the activity is anti-competitive OR, if the court found otherwise, why not? 
  • Identify and explain what Horizontal restraint of trade is and Vertical restraint of trade from the chapter reading and provide for an example of each.  


Use the links here for legal research and cases:

In your Business: Its Legal, Ethical, and Global Environment text, read the following:

  • Chapter 14.


After reading Chapter 14, you will examine why competition is important in our economy and the laws that have been put in place to ensure that “monopoly” remains a board game and nothing more.

  • What Is Antitrust?
    • This brief video explains what “antitrust” is and how it came about.
    • Time: 1:57.
  • Monopolies and Anti-Competitive Markets: Crash Course.
    • This video provides an overview of monopolies, the dangers associated with monopolies, and some of the steps that our government has taken to ensure that our market remains competitive.
    • Time: 10:16.
  • What Is an Antitrust Law? Why Is It Important?
    • Antitrust law exists to benefit businesses, not to hinder them. This animated video explains the importance and purpose of antitrust laws.
    • Time: 1:27.
  • What Is Antitrust Law?
    • This video gives another perspective on what antitrust law is, why it came about, and why it is beneficial to our economy.
    • Time: 2:24.


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