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Strayer University Internal Leadership and Customer Relationships Discussion

Reply to Peer Review:

What does your internal leadership require to fund your idea or concept?

My idea will start as a debt to the in-house team (Notes). Before allowing this funding, the internal leaders will have to see value in the concept. In this case, an opportunity to one earn back the investment and two future profits (Notes). This can be quickly resolved with a service contract or general business outside of the facility to include one-stop service. The one-stop service is excellent for a quick buck, but a little more value will need to be incurred before the in-house team bankrolls the operation. If there is no proof of revenue generation, it would be considered too great of a risk, especially with the purchase of test equipment and vehicles

What Key Resources do your Customer Relationships require?

After working in the field service arena for many years, I can safely say honesty, trust, and quick service are what customer relationships will be founded upon. Then offerings and consolidation will help them feel at ease and relaxed. I have heard it said numerous times through various customers, “ it is nice only to have to call one number for service.” Dependability is also an essential critical resource for high-demand times; they want to know that you are on the way.

What Key Resources for our Revenue Streams and Distribution Channels require?

Revenue streams will be based on the contracts and one-stop services. This will be generated and balanced by the business development until enough business I generated to support a Manager in the area (Notes). Distribution channels will all point back to the in-house operations to balance the workload and increase reliability and dependability with the contracted customers. As this develops and others see, more business will be generated (Notes).


Notes, J. 5. (n.d.). Funding the Venture. Retrieved from…


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