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Strayer University Lithonia Week 4 Digital Citizenship Lesson Plan Discussion

  • Create a mini-lesson to teach your students (or proposed students) at least one aspect of digital citizenship and post your lesson to the discussion board. below is a example of how the professor wants us to format the discussion,

  • Mini Lesson PlanLength
  • 4 hours
  • Learning Objectives:Compare and contrast findings presented in a text to those from other sources (including their own research), noting when the findings support or contradict previous explanations or accounts.Upon completion of this lesson, students will be able to:
    1. Define ‘digital citizenship’
    2. Categorize types of digital citizenship
    3. Apply digital citizenship parameters to personal use of technology

    Key Vocabulary

    1. Digital citizenship
    2. Digital literacy
    3. Digital safety
    4. Digital etiquette


    1. Begin by asking students to tally up the number of times they have used technology today. Write those numbers on the board.
    2. Next, ask the students what ‘citizenship’ means to them. Once again, write those definitions on the board.
    3. Ask students about digital citizenship. Is it the same as citizenship? If not, what are the differences? Write students’ ideas on the board as well.
    4. Now have students read the Introduction and Digital Citizenship sections of the text lesson, What is Digital Citizenship? – Definition & Themes.
    5. When all students have finished reading those two sections, ask them to review their definitions for digital citizenship.
    6. Have the students read the remainder of the text lesson.

    Follow UpAs the students are reading, write the following terms on the board:

    1. Digital Literacy
    2. Digital Safety
    3. Digital Etiquette

    When all students have completed the lesson, divide them into three groups. Group One will cover digital literacy, Group Two will have digital safety, and Group Three will focus on digital etiquette.Each group must come up with three examples of struggles with their topic based on personal experiences with technology. Keeping in mind the content of the text lesson, they must also come up with three solutions for these problems. For example, the digital etiquette group might mention cyberbullying as an example and offer ideas for preventing it.When all groups have their three examples and solutions, have them present them to the class.Discussion Questions

    1. How can we become better digital citizens?
    2. Is digital citizenship something that should be monitored and enforced?
    3. Have students research recent news stories that involve violations of digital citizenship.
    4. Ask students to keep a log for a week of examples of good and bad digital citizenship in their own use of technology and social networking.

    Reference Dance-Schissel, D. (2019). Digital Citizenship Lesson Plan | Retrieved 22 October 2019, from…


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