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Strayer Ways how Your Life Would Be Different without The Internet Discussion

Choose a couple of ways how your life would be different without the Internet.

  • How would the business world be different?

Please respond to student’s comment below:

In my world pretty much everything revolves around access to the Internet, from working as a web designer to getting information and navigation my entire world would be drastically altered without access to the Internet.

Obviously, if there was no Internet my career as a front end web designer would not exist, I am sure I would have found a niche doing console gaming on standalone entities like the original NES or the Atari, but the way we access data and the way we share information would be completely different, we would likely need to return to written letters, phone calls, and face to face interactions, something that I do occasionally think we should be doing more of anyway, but in this instance that would be our only way of communicating.

My other role in life is that of a Paramedic, I have been doing this long enough that I do recall when everything was done via handwritten notes and addresses, looking up map coordinates on a huge map or mapbook, and painstakingly writing reports and hoping you got everything in order or you would have to write it all over from the beginning. Without the internet, we would lose GPS tracking that can ping a cell phone location to within 9 feet, immediate transmission of pt data to a hospital which will save time in a life-threatening emergency, being able to face time a doctor miles away so they can see the patient and interact. We would lose electronic charting that allows us to go back and re-enter data that we may have missed or gotten out of order. We would also lose the ability to quietly text our co-workers or supervisors for needed data, interact with our families while on shift, and still be present for birthday parties and holidays if only via face time.


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