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STU WK 3 Women Health Clinical Experience & Physical Examinations Discussion

Case 1Case 2Case 3 Cases

T.R. is a 45-year-old female patient who came to your office complaining of intermittent and bilateral clear nipple discharge for the last two weeks. She thinks is not related to manipulation of the breast but definitively increases with it.

She notes that it comes from more than one duct. On health history you documented that patient also has frequent headaches and she has noted some visual problems.

R.T. is a 35-year-old female patient who was seen in the clinic because she has been trying to get pregnant for about 7 months but she has not been successful. 

Only positive gynecologic history for R.T. has been three episodes of pelvic inflammatory disease in the last five years. 

Woman comes in complaining of a breast mass she found on breast self-examination. You have performed a comprehensive assessment and conclude that it is benign. 

Questions for the case

  • Discuss the diagnostic test appropriate for T.R. and the rationale. 
  • Discuss your presumptive diagnoses and ICD 10 number.
  • Develop the management plan (pharmacological and nonpharmacological). 
  • Discuss three differential diagnoses for with ICD 10 numbers for each.
  • Discuss a diagnostic plan for R.T. and the rationale.
  • Discuss your presumptive diagnoses and ICD 10 number.
  • Develop the management plan (pharmacological and nonpharmacological). 
  • Name some of the complications of PID.
  • Discuss the different types of benign mass.
  • Discuss how do you differentiate them.
  • Discuss the different types breast tissue sampling procedures done for these masses.
  • Discuss the clinical presentations of malignant Breast Cancer.

Once you received your case number; answer the specific question on the table above. Then, continue to discuss the 3 topics listed below for your case:

  1. An effective health assessment incorporates not only physiological parameters; please suggest other parameters that should be considered and included on health assessments to reach maximal health potential on individuals.
  2. Name the different family developmental stages and give examples of each one.
  3. Describe family structure and function and the relationship with health care.


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