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SU Law Ethics and Governance Work Related but Natural Occurrences Case Study

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Brian is an air traffic controller for a private airport company and has significant health issues including high blood pressure that runs in his family.  Brian recently had a heart attack and has been out on FMLA.  He does not eat healthy, sits all day and does not exercise.  Brian is returning to work and worries about the stress of his job.  He is nearing retirement but does not want to stop working. You are Brian’s boss.   

Discuss the following:

  • Determine what the company’s options are and whether Brian qualifies for workers’ compensation due to his health issues.  Explain what worker’s compensation is, who is eligible and what the law is.  Analyze the key legal and ethical issues faced by you, the employer in assessing Brian and his job and whether the Direct Threat defense is a viable defense to fire him. 
  • Explain and summarize your understanding of Unions and employee rights per the chapter reading?
  • Considering the effect of workers rights and issues of health and safety on global and developing economies, take a position on whether or not the US government should “regulate” the global workforce.  


In your Business: Its Legal, Ethical, and Global Environment text, read the following:

  • Chapter 19.


After reading Chapter 19, watch these three videos to get ideas on how to motivate employees and assess employee welfare in the workplace.


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