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SU Motivational Game Plan Questions


Motivational Game Plan: Part 3 Competition and Rewards

As the new General Manager for Hometown Cars, you’re responsible for increasing your company’s profits and motivating the team to success by creating a Motivational Game Plan. For part 3 of this plan, you will focus on using competition and rewards to drive employees to perform their best.

Please do the following:

This assignment has 2 parts. Complete the table in Part 1 below to design competitions for both the sales and service departments that reward employees who perform well. Then, answer the questions in Part 2.

PART 1: Competition & Rewards

Your job is to design 2 competitions with rewards: one for sales and one for service. Fill in the blanks in the table below to answer the questions for both the sales and service teams. Look back at Coach’s Huddle in Week 5 to review the information on competition. Be sure to use complete sentences and justify your response.

What type of competition are you creating for your team?

(1-2 sentences.)

Is it Direct or Cooperative Competition?

Explain the reward(s) you will offer.

(1-2 sentences)


I will challenge the pit crew to complete a pit stop in 16 seconds or less.

Cooperative Competition

The pit crew teams who finish a pit stop in fewer than 16 seconds, will receive a $100 cash bonus for each team member.



PART 2: Communication & Motivation

  1. 1. In 2-5 sentences, please explain how you will communicate the details of your competition and the rewards offered to both the sales and service teams.

EXAMPLE: When a new pit crew member joins the team, part of their orientation packet includes information on the new pit stop bonus. Pit crew members are also reminded before a race and recognized for their successes the morning after the race at the recap meeting.

  1. 2. In 3-5 sentences, please explain how the competition and rewards you’ve created for both the sales and service teams will help motivate these employees to success.

EXAMPLE: This pit crew competition will give the pit crew team a concrete goal to work toward as a group. The reward is substantial enough to be an intrinsic motivator. And recognizing the crew at meetings also boosts morale. All of these things together will help motivate the pit crew team to work hard and perform their best at pit stops.


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