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SU Wk 5 College Student Focused on Attaining the Higher Grades Letter Example

Steps to complete: In Week 5, complete and submit your assignment in Blackboard using the following steps: Step 1: New Word Document ● Open Microsoft Word. ● Create a new blank document. ● Type your name at the top of your letter. ● Type the date below your name. ● Address your letter as “Dear Professor,”. ● Save your letter in your Documents folder. (Note: It’s important to save your file before getting too far into your writing so that you don’t inadvertently lose any work. Then, Word will autosave for you—if you have Word set to autosave, that is!) Name the file: Lastname_CIS101_A1 Step 2: Navigate, Select, and Use (Paragraphs 1–4) Remember: Your goal is at the center of the DPP because it’s what each step in the process (Navigate, Select, Use, and Review) is working toward. Before beginning the first step of the DPP, you need to identify your goal, which is provided for you above in the “Your goal for this assignment is to” section. ● Paragraph 1: Share a little bit about yourself. (2–4 sentences) ● Paragraph 2: Share your experience, thoughts, and feelings about being a college student so far. What have you liked? What have you wished was different? What are you learning across your courses so far? (3–4 sentences) ● Paragraph 3: Share any lessons learned or goals that you have as they relate to pursuing a college degree. (2–4 sentences)CIS101 – Navigating a Digital World ● Paragraph 4: Search the Internet for two digital tools that are used for communicating virtually—one web conferencing tool and one instant messaging tool. Describe both tools and make sure you also share links to both websites. (2–4 sentences) Step 3: Review (Paragraph 5) ● State how learning the digital proficiency process has helped you to think about and use technology. (2–3 sentences) ● Conclude your letter with “Sincerely,”. ● Add 4 blank lines and then type your name. Step 4: Use – Formatting ● Right-align your name at the top of your letter. ● Right-align the date in the paragraph below your name. ● Left-align the rest of your letter. ● Single space the paragraphs of your letter. ● Bold the date of your letter. ● Select all of the text and change the font to Times New Roman. ● Select all of the text and change the font size to 12. Step 5: Use – Editing ● Use the Check Document feature in Word to find and correct any spelling errors. ● Proofread your letter and correct any grammar or capitalization errors.


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