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Sullivan University Delicacies in Dubai Speech Communications Discussion

I would like to choose the country dubai to research

Your typed speaking outline should use the same visual framework-the same symbols and the same pattern for indentation- as your preparation outline. This will make it much easier for your to prepare the speaking outline. More important, it will allow you to see instantly where you are in the speech at any given moment while you are speaking. You will find this a great advantage.

As you speak, you will look down (glance) at your outline periodically to make sure you are covering the right ideas in correct right order.

The outline will contain key words or phrases to jog memory, essential statistics and quotations. Make sure the outline is legible, brief as possible and give yourself “speaking cues” for delivering the speech. I encourage you to look at the sample speaking outline with commentary in the textbook for a specific example which will help you develop your speaking outline for this assignment.

Lastly, you are to mention your sources throughout the delivery, hence you must format a reference page. Your reference page will be a separate page after the final page of your speaking outline.

Possible topics include social customs, family traditions, holidays, clothing, food, religious traditions, sporting activities, and the like. You will turn in a typed preparation outline and a typed brief speaking outline. Note: You are to include a bibliography.

Research is required for this speech. If you have had direct contact with a different culture, you are encouraged to supplement your library research with personal experience, but the speech is not to be a travelogue or a presentation on “My summer in Europe” or “My Year as an exchange student in Brazil.” On the other hand, a speech on how Europeans spend their summer vacation or on the educational system of Brazil would be fine.

You are encouraged to be imaginative in composing your speech. It is not enough to memorize basic information from an encyclopedia or the Internet about the country on which you are speaking. As in any informative speech, you need to explain ideas clearly and to think about ways to relate the topic to the audience. I do encourage the use of a visual aid but it is not required. Lastly, you must cite your sources throughout the delivery.


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