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SUNY College at Brockport Ethics & Cheating in Sport Competitions Questions

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Assignment 1:

  1. After reading pp. 43-53 in the Simon et al. textbook and the “Is Sport Competition Ethical?” Power Points, please answer the following question in detail. In doing so, please try to avoid quoting and work to paraphrase the authors’ points instead. For this assignment, you may use short (1 sentence or less) marked quotes, as long as you attempt to explain them. Answers with unmarked quotes (i.e. plagiarism) will earn zero points.Answers should be 2 pages double spaced and typed in 12 pt. font with 1 inch margins.        Simon’s ideal of sport as a “mutual quest for excellence” is a general interpretivist theory. Please explain this ideal in detail and discuss how it can help to make sport competition more ethical.

Assignment 2:

After reading the “Cheating & Deception in Sport” Power Point, read through the following two scenarios and answer the questions provided with each in detail. Each scenario can be 2 short paragraphs long. 

1)  “During a volleyball game, Player A hits the ball over the net.  The ball grazes off Player B’s fingers and lands out of bounds.  The referee does not see Player B touch the ball” [and awards her team a point].  (Lumpkin, Stoll, and Beller, 1999, p. 1). According to the “Cheating and Deception in Sport” Power Point, is Player B cheating if she does not tell the referee that she touched the ball? Is she playing fairly and demonstrating good sportspersonship if she accepts the point? Explain your answers in detail. 

2)  “[Paul] Brown began his coaching career at Massillon High School in Massillon, Ohio.  In 1928, his high school team was a little slow in the backfield.  Brown analyzed the rules to find an advantage and found one.  The rules made no mention of what a uniform could or should look like, except that there must be a number on the back.  Coach Brown seized the opportunity.  He took footballs and cut them into halves.  He sewed one half on the front jersey of all the backfield player’s uniforms.  When the quarterback passed off, everyone [in the backfield] appeared to have the football” (Lumpkin, Stoll, and Beller, 1999, pp. 6-7). According to the “Cheating and Deception in Sport” Power Point, did Coach Brown cheat in the above scenario? Did his strategic decision demonstrate fair play and good sporting behavior? Explain your answers in detail.


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