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SUNY College at Brockport Use of Performance Enhancement Drugs in Sport Paper

Assignment #5

Please answer to the following questions in detail. Answers should be double spaced and typed in 12 pt. font with 1 inch margins.

1) Develop a list of at least 25 things that athletes and coaches use to enhance athletic performance. These “things” might include substances, techniques, materials, equipment, technologies, knowledge, and people, among others. The list should include things that are used fairly within sport as well as those that would be considered forms of cheating.

2) Please categorize each method of enhancement you listed in (1) as (a) legal or fair, (b) illegal or unfair, or (c) to be determined.

3) Based on your categorization above, develop your definition of unethical performance enhancement or Doping. The definition should be such that it includes at least all forms of performance enhancement that you categorized as” Illegal and Unfair,” while excluding all forms you categorized as “Legal and Fair.”

Assignment #6

  1. After reading pp. 87-95 in the Simon et al. textbook and the “PEDs & Harm Issues” Power Point, please answer both of the following questions in detail. In doing so, please paraphrase the authors’ points in your own words. For this assignment, you may use short (1 sentence or less) marked quotes, as long as you attempt to explain them. Answers with unmarked quotes (i.e. plagiarism) will earn zero points.Please submit this assignment as a Microsoft Word or similar document and submit it as an attachment using the “browse my computer” button. The assignment should be about 2 pages double spaced and typed in 12 pt. font with 1 inch margins.1) Explain Brown’s conception of “Soft Paternalism”. According to this conception, when is it ethical to ban performance-enhancing drugs based solely on the harm they can do to the athlete using them? Feel free to use sport examples in your answer.2) Explain Mill’s Harm Principle. Based on this principle, when is it acceptable to restrict athletes from using PEDs based on the harm they can do to others? Feel free to use sport examples in your answer. Pages below are for assignment 6. Thanks!!


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