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SUNY Old Westbury Impact of Systems on Organizations Report

In your initial post, describe your interest in the impact of systems on organizations and what you hope to gain from this “Impact of Systems on Organizations” course. Then take a moment to look at the world around you and consider how it is filled with systems. You will likely see an alarm clock, a washing machine, an automobile, or a bike; you may even be wearing a system in the form of a Fitbit. Technically speaking, you are a system.

Systems are so embedded and tied to our capacity to function that often we take them for granted. We can also fail to recognize the significance of the parts that make up systems. For instance, would a washing machine still function effectively without a drain pipe? How about a bicycle without pedals? Essentially, a whole system is a collective of parts that work together.

In your initial post, you are to create your own definition of what a system is, beyond the idea that it is a collection of parts. For this post, you may want to consider:

  • Feedback as it relates to the idea of systems
  • Different kinds of systems
  • System functionality

For the second part of this initial post, you will choose an organization, such as a chain of stores or a corporation, and consider the systems that exist within the organization. Within your post, answer the following questions:

  • What systems might exist within the organization?
  • How might the systems impact functionality in the organization?

Additional Information that may help with this assignment:

Impact of Systems on Organizations Course Description-

Information Technology (IT) systems, business requirements, and constraints impact proposed changes to an organization’s computing environment. Students will analyze current IT systems and the constraints and opportunities of an organization in order to solve computing problems and determine impacts of systems decisions on an organization.


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