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Suny Old Westbury Proper Approach to Prototyping Discussion Responses


In your responses to your peers, provide constructive feedback on their prototyping choices. Possible suggestions include:

  • Describing additional steps that may be needed
  • Explaining why an alternate prototyping method might work as well


For this week’s discussion, I am going with a new smartphone app. The type of prototype I would use is a low-fidelity type. The first step is to determine the application’s purpose and what steps are required to accomplish that purpose. I would also implement storyboarding as a method to convey what steps the user would take to accomplish the app’s intended purpose. Storyboarding consists of a series of sketches showing how a user might progress through a task using the product under development (Preece & Rogers, 2019). I would want to learn how the user would interact with the application and obtain feedback from the user to improve the app’s interface or functionality overall to improve the user experience. One thing that a low-fidelity prototype offers those other types do not is that that they are cheap, simple, and quick to produce.


For this post I am choosing to develop a new website. The type of prototyping that I will use here is low fidelity user prototyping. This type of prototyping will allow me to identify user ability issues early on as the user test the site. This will also allow me to test my workflow of the site as well. The low fidelity user prototyping will provide me with what the user like and dislike about the site early on verus later on.

In order to create this prototype I would first need to lay out and interactive design using the program of my choice. The main thing that this design will need to do is show how the site will flow one point to another. Meaning that the user will select an option on the site and then it will react to what they just did. Now the site will not be realistic to what it will look like once its done but it will still show them what the site will be like to use. Once the user have tested the site for use ability I will be able to know what changes needed to be made and what they liked about it.


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