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SUNY Old Westbury System Functionality of Two Retailers Worksheet


In this activity, you will compare the end user experience based on the system functionality of two retailers. An example of system functionality is in-stock notifications. When you are shopping on Target’s site, you select your item, along with size and color. You immediately see if the item is in stock. If it is not, the shopping cart page provides an option to email you when the item is back in stock. On another site (for example, Walmart), the shopping cart page tells you if the item is not in stock; however, it does not give you the opportunity to receive notifications when it is back in stock. In both scenarios, as an IT professional, you need to evaluate the system functionality through the lens of the end user.


You are concerned with the end user experience. When you visit a website, what are your requirements for that website? Are you interested in how fast the pages load? Can you compare items? Are these features important to you, and will you continue to use a website that does not meet these requirements? That experience will trigger a return visit to the site based on the most expeditious purchasing experience, variety of items available, quantity of items available, and quickest delivery method. In this activity, you will locate two online retailers and compare them for ease of use as a consumer. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO MAKE A PURCHASE. You will be searching inventory, examining purchasing and shipping options, and reviewing return policies. You will provide a description of your experience and compare the retailers’ purchasing processes.

In your comparison, you will include a table that addresses the following processes, along with a detailed narrative explanation of which retailer has the best system ease of use:

  • Inventory process (Are you able to locate the item you wanted? Are you able to compare it to similar items?)
  • Purchasing process (Can you add the item to your cart? Are there multiple payment options available?)
  • Shipping process (How quickly will items be ready to ship?)
  • Return policies (How convenient is it to return an item?)


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