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SUNYOW Ethics & Compliance Human Interactions & Code of Ethics Response Discussion


In your responses to your peers’ discussion posts…

  • Discuss whether you agree or disagree with your peers’ ideas on ethics and compliance.


A company should be more ethical than compliant because they need to take into consideration how this affects groups of people. When being compliant this more of generalized option that the company has that just takes into consideration the company and not how it will affect the people using the companies services or working for them. Being ethical in business is basically taking into the consideration the customers and employees that are being affected by the decision. In reality there needs to be a good mix of both compliance and ethics. Meaning that they need to see what the industry standards that needs to be met and how it will consider how it will affect the people within the company. Then they can apply this to when enacting the new standard within the company.


When dealing with compliance versus ethics, a company, I believe should choose ethics over simple compliance. When working in any environment that contains human interactions and team members to achieve goals, there will be disagreements and obstacles between different members. When there are moral questions that employees may have they will either look to a list of company compliances OR they will refer to a code of ethics. With compliances they are very rigid in nature and often times do not leave great resolutions for gray area that frequently exists within a company’s issues. To address the gray area I believe that employees should be able to be guided to the best fit solution as try to be morally just with the provided code of ethics. This I feel is a much better alternative then having to be stuck to complying to exactly what is written out and has no room for case by case determination.


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