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Syracuse University Youth Suicide in The Juvenile Justice System Research

1.You can choose whether to write a regular research paper or a paper in which you take a certain position and argue that your position is the correct one. Either way, be sure to include the following:


  • A description of the history of this topic – how it originated and has developed (and/or changed) over time.
  • An indication of what it is like today and what might be expected for future developments.
  • What the demographics are for those working in jobs related to it and offenders/victims utilizing it.
  • Whether you think this would be a field in which you’d like to work or a topic on which you’d like to work.


2.Formatting and Other Requirements:


  • 7-8 6-7 pages of writing (but if you do an excellent job in less than this, I won’t take off points. If you give me meaningless filler for several pages but write 6-7 pages, I will take off points). Writing literally means writing. It does NOT include pictures, graphs, quotes, Reference page, etc.
  • APA style for in-text citations and reference page
  • A reference page completed in APA style
  • Use Times New Roman 12-point font
  • Double-space your lines
  • Format the paper for 1-inch margins
  • Check grammar and spelling!!! (If you can’t be bothered to use the free version or the paid for by the college premium version of Grammarly, at least use your Word/Google Docs/Pages grammar and spelling checker!) And then proofread too!
  • NO TITLE PAGE and NO NAME on your paper anywhere (you’re turning it in on Blackboard so it will be submitted under your name. There’s no need to worry that it will somehow get mixed up with someone else’s.)


You need to use:


  • AT LEAST FIVE (5) appropriate sources
    • These include peer-reviewed journal articles (AKA scholarly or academic journals)
    • You may use a credible book if it has a firsthand account of the topic or important related information.


  • Grades will be based on whether all points were addressed, how well the paper was written, and whether all other requirements (formatting, APA, references, etc.) were met.
  • Essentially, I will take the points from sections 1-3 on here and make them up into a rubric, which I will use to grade your papers.
  • The total number of points you can receive for your paper is 100.
  • If you plagiarize, expect that you will fail this assignment. Use SafeAssign to your advantage and check your percentage before the paper is due! Not sure how? Follow this link for step-by-step instructions.




  • PROOFREAD! Read your paper out loud to give yourself a better idea of how well you have written your paper and if there are any problems.
  • Go ahead and use Grammarly. It’s easy to use and it will make your papers better.
  • Ask me questions if you have questions!

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