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Tarrant County College District Chapter 13 Community Based Partnerships Case Study

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Use this link, there you will find the copy of the textbook needed to complete this assignment.!/4/4@0.00:47.7

Each of the 5 questions should be a minimum of 400 words and be cited in APA format.
Evaluation of the Case Study Assignment Paper will be based on the following rubric criteria outlined in the course syllabus.
Identification of Main Issues/Problems
Analysis and Evaluation of Issues/Problems
Recommendations on Effective Solutions/Strategies
Links to Course Readings and Additional Research
Writing Mechanics and Formatting Guidelines

Case Study Analysis
Chapter 13 – African American Barbershops and Beauty Salons: An Innovative Approach to Reducing Health Disparities through Community Building and Health Education
This is an opportunity for you to apply what we have discussed and read thus far in the course to an actual case from North Carolina. The description of the program is in Chapter 13 of our text and focuses on community building and health education to decrease health disparities. Before answering the following questions, read the chapter carefully. Answer the following questions:
1. Partnerships and Coalitions
a. Drawing from Chapter 4, do you see any components from the Alinsky or Friere models that were utilized in this case? Please be specific and describe. Provide examples. (3.5 Points)
b. Drawing from Chapter 17, what kind of coalition was formed in this case? Do you feel that this was the most appropriate type for what the mission and goals of the project were? Why or why not? (3.5 points)
2. Drawing from Chapter 6, examine and discuss the five components of effective and authentic partnerships. These components include: Leadership, Membership, Structure, Vision and Mission, and Processes. Comment on EACH component. Do you feel as though the case utilized these concepts and if so, please describe how. Be specific and provide examples. Were there components that could have been strengthened, and if so, how? (7 points)
3. Drawing from Chapter 7, did you find any ethical issues in the case presented? For example, was community participation genuine or symbolic? Were there conflicting priorities or agendas? Were there dilemmas caused by the funders of the program? Etc. Please describe any issues you feel were present in the case. (7 points)
4. Drawing from Chapter 19 and Dr. Minkler’s presentation (YouTube), describe and comment on the evaluation mechanisms used in the case. Was the evaluation effective? What were the strengths of the evaluation? How could it have been improved? (7 points)
5. Drawing from Chapters 7 and 8, discuss any cultural conflicts (real or hypothetical) that happened in this case study. Please provide specific examples. Also, as a practitioner developing partnerships in health care, describe how you would use the concept of cultural humility as you work at building partnerships. B e specific and provide examples. (7 points)


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