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Collection of reliable assessment data on student learning and engagement using appropriate technology tools (6-10 pages).


View the Riverbend City media simulation attached below to use as the context for your assessment:

Once you have completed the simulation, imagine yourself as one of the 8th grade teachers at Riverbend City Middle School who is collecting data to answer the question presented by your school principal. Complete and submit the following components:

  • Articulate the strengths and weaknesses of technology tools for quantitative and qualitative data collection. Briefly annotate the characteristics of at least two qualitative and two quantitative data collection tools. (Walk through the different technology tools available to collect data, what they can do, what they cannot do, and whether they might work for your particular needs—formative assessment or summative assessment data collection, quantitative or qualitative data, et cetera.)
  • Describe the tools you chose and the process you used to choose the right technology tools for data collection to answer the questions. How is your decision supported by research and best practices to choose the right data collection technology?
  • Apply at least one qualitative and one quantitative data collection technology tool to collect valid, reliable assessment data on student learning and engagement. Submit cleaned up data that is ready to be analyzed.


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