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Tennessee Infection Prevention and Control the Spread of Infections Discussion

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The signature assignment will be able to apply the learning by building a relationship with a healthcare organization. The first organization is called Community Hospital Infection Prevention Department. The first will analyze hand hygiene and how people, in general, need to clean their hands to prevent diseases or infections. The second organization will also be called the Local Dialysis Clinics, known to develop a protocol or an educational program on safe practices that will reduce a central line for associated bacterial staphylococcus infections. The third organization to be chosen where the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Vaccine-Preventable Disease Division that will address the measles outbreak in 2014-2015. It is an event that has happened in Disneyland. It is necessary to better understand the exact medical regimen for the patient to continue working depending on a person’s medical condition. The reason why an organization has chosen to have a set goal. It will nd target to further understand the knowledge of how the community plays. It would be able to prevent hospital prevention departments that must practice cleanliness and sanitation purposes. It is an exercise that is essential to allow patients to have a further understanding of how to take the necessary precautions in the hospital. The second organization would be selected because there would be information to understand how to have an educational program on the safety of the practices to decrease the central line for infections. Lastly, the third organization chosen will further the knowledge apart from the research to lower where the Disney theme parks would be in Orange County. The Department of Health (CDPH) will also tell about a measles case where this was a visit to an adjacent theme park where it had four additional suspected measles and how it is ongoing (CDC, 2014). Through 2014, the Specimens from the 30 California patients who experienced a large outbreak in the Philippines would be detected in at least 14 countries within six United States in the previous six months (CDC, 2014). The researcher also estimated that the vaccination rates were extremely high for people that would be as low as 50 percent and will not be higher than 86 percent (Shrivastava, 2016).


CDC. U.S. multi-state measles outbreak, December 2014–January 2015. Atlanta, GA: US Department of

Health and Human Services, CDC; 2015. Available at (Links to an external site.).

Shrivastava, S. R., Shrivastava, P. S., & Ramasamy, J. (2016). The 2015 measles outbreak in America:

Identified shortcomings and recommendations to the health authorities. Annals of African medicine, 15(1), 42–43.


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