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Terrapower Global Economic Conditions Case Study Analysis

A write-up is required for just one case choosing from XCOR, Mojave, Relativity, Terrapower. (Jim Poss is not eligible for a case write up, we will use it to learn the case method). Details are found in the Intro to Case Method (Links to an external site.) document.

You may not submit more than one write-up.

Choose just one of the cases and produce a short write-up analyzing the lessons of the case, offering your suggestion for the resolution of the prime questions in the case and a detailed explanation of how you reached that conclusion. Your write-up should demonstrate mastery of the concepts we have covered in class. Some additional specific questions may be included in the assignment. Case Write-ups are due before class on the day of the related case discussion. As the case discussion will reveal the best solutions to the case, Case write-ups are not accepted late, absolutely no exceptions. Procrastination can be dangerous with this assignment. 

Additionally, every one of the questions below must be addressed for the cases noted. Answer the questions directly and in sufficient detail to have covered reasonable options and eliminated unsuitable ones. Do not present an ambiguous or “maybe this, maybe that” sort of solution. 


1. What global economic conditions (at the time) made the nuclear energy market attractive? Unattractive? Do you think $200million should go into this?

2. How does the social mission of this firm inform their strategy and how does it influence investment? What is it up against?

3. How is intellectual property a factor?

4. Outline your strategy for Terra Power given the global market, investment sources and political realities. How do they raise money, where do they do R&D, where should their target market be how do they offer their product/service? (be explicit in your choices and plan)

READ the TerraPower very well and answer the questions above using the slides would help.


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