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Texas Woman’s University Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice Discussion

Directions were: In your initial post, compare and contrast the research process, research utilization, quality improvement (QI), and evidence-based practice. Make sure to include how they are related and how they are different.

I need you to respond to TWO of my peers, per the instructors directions below (peers attached)

Discussions are meant to be ongoing – and provide a scholarly discourse among students that expand your thinking on the subject- The last criterion on the grading rubric covers engagement (what I am describing above) so please keep this in mind when you look at when you are posting.

As you all begin your initial posts to the discussion board and your responses to your peers – I wanted to make a few points to help you –

First of all – discussions are part of scholarly writing and as such – you should provide sources (citations) and references within every post – even your responses to peers. Please review the guidelines on discussions in your modules and review your rubrics for specific point allocations – for example the first point allocation in the discussion rubric states for initial post AND responses –

  • Posts a substantive, well-developed response that fully addresses all aspects of the prompt.
  • Includes two current (< 5 years old) references in APA format. OTHER THAN THE BOOK
  • Demonstrates analysis of others’ posts; extends meaningful discussion by building on previous posts.

If you do not include references / citations in your response posts – points will be deducted. An even stronger tactic is if/when you incorporate new ideas/readings – going beyond your assigned readings – to build on and add to the depth of the discussion.

As always please try to be clear and concise and use appropriate APA formatting. It does not need to be double spaced or indented – as sometimes Canvas changes those things – but pay attention to capitalization, punctuation and italicization. Books USED

Keele, R. (2011). Nursing Research and Evidence-Based
Practice: Ten Steps to Success
. Jones & Bartlett.

Polit, D., &
Beck, C. (2021). Nursing research: Generating and assessing evidence
for nursing practice
(11th ed.). Wolters Kluwer: Lippincott.


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