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TFM160-01 Melissa McCarthy My Favorite Actor Lesson Discussion

COMPLETE: Unit 04 Group Discussion: “My Favorite Actor’s Lesson” – Group Discussion 8

PART ONE: INITIAL DISCUSSION POST (due by 11:59 pm Monday, August 2nd)

Your Initial Discussion Post should include one media link, one media image, with your written post (target 250 words)

Choose one of your favorite actors and seek an online interview which reveals insights/”lessons” about their acting approach.   Please include each of the following:

  1. Find one lesson (1-2 sentence bit of advice or insight about acting) to share in your Discussion Post. Provide the quotation or summarize it, describe its importance, and provide the media link where you found the lesson. 
  2. Try to provide a lesson that may give a clue about which of the four types of actors your favorite may fall into (1. personality actors, 2. playing against our expectations of their persona, 3. chameleon, or 4. non-professional). 
  3. Include in your post why you selected this particular actor (why is the actor your favorite?) — yes, you can suggest which category the actor falls into, but don’t state it in your post.
  4. Insert an image of your favorite actor in your Discussion Post so your group members can see it (without having to click to reveal it). 

PART TWO: REFLECTION/COMMENT TO ONE PEER’S POST (due by 11:59 pm Tuesday, August 3rd) (target 150 words)

Read through your peers’ posts and select one to comment upon (try to select a peer who hasn’t received a comment).  In your comment answer both of the following:

  1. Based on the actor’s lesson, your peer’s justification, and what you may know of the actor’s work, which of the four key types of actors would the actor be categorized (1. personality actors, 2. playing against our expectations of their persona, 3. chameleon, or 4. non-professional)?  Briefly justify your answer based on your understanding of the four types.
  2. Aside from the obvious answer that the camera reveals the actor, why do you believe cinematography is an important element in the success of a screen actor’s performance?  Use an example from the actor you analyzed in your My Movie Logs to support your insight (e.g. specify a moment when the cinematography specifically “made” or elevated an actor’s performance).


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