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The Community College of Baltimore County Female Genital Mutilation Presentation

Activism Project Blog

For this assignment you are going to choose an issue relating to gendered violence (it can be any issue raised in the textbook or other assigned readings for this week, or in the PowerPoint (i.e. Female Genital Mutilation, Dowry Killings, Domestic violence etc.). You will then create an informative blog post relating to social activism around that issue. Your post should include three sections:

1. An Important Facts Section — here you want to provide some basic factual information/statistics about the scope/nature of this problem (you can include some information from course readings/PowerPoints, but you should also include some additional information that you uncover through online research). Be sure to provide a parenthetical citation for each entry.

2. A What’s Being Done Section — here you should identify some organizations that are working to combat this problem along with a brief description of what they are doing.

3. A What You Can Do Section — here you should provide some information about what people who want to help combat this problem can do. This might include a list of ways to volunteer with or donate to particular organization, links to petitions that can be signed, or bills/laws that they can urge political leaders to support etc. You might also list here warning signs that people can be aware of, hotlines to report instances of abuse to or a list of things to say/not say to women experiencing violence.

FORMAT: You can be creative and arrange/design your blog any way you like in terms of colors, background graphics or images — just make sure that each of the three required sections are clearly demarcated. You may also upload a PowerPoint or Prezi if you prefer that format.

LENGTH: For section 1, include 6 to 10 key facts (no more than l 3 of which can come from course materials). For sections 2 and 3, list between 2 and 5 items.


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