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The Creator God and The Created Analysis

Making use of the Social-Epistemic Reading Model, how do the readings for this week reflect the idea of “onto-cosmology”? In other words, what is the relationship between the created (both human and nonhuman) and the creator? Dig deeply into both the primary text (Alter) and the secondary text (Kass) to extract a deeper, philosophical meaning from the text. Follow the outline supplied in the weekly theme assignment sheet to structure your reading and analysis.

This week you are given the two conflicting elements to be explored: the Creator (God) and the created. So, approach your paper as follows:

Part one: Based on your reading of Kass and Alter, how do you understand God as He/It is depicted in the readings? Just like people, Characters in literature reveal themselves through action. So, what does God do? How does He/It do it? What does this tell you about this Character?

Part two is about the created. You can go about this in many ways. What is the status of creation prior to order (consider Kass’s ideas regarding Darkness)? How does creation emerge? What does “good” mean (according to Kass)? What does this tell you about the nature of creation?

In part three, you put parts one and two together. What is the relationship between Creator and Created? Is it a good one? A conflicted one? Then, move beyond the text. If God is exemplifying ideal behavior for dealing with Chaos, how should we order the chaos we experience in our life? Here, still use the texts to support your assertions—but this is your opinion as you take the text in your own direction.

Finally, in part 4, now that you have a deeper understanding of the text, recap and fully answer the question “what is the nature of the relationship between the Creator and the Created based on your reading of the texts?”

Book 1: ALTER, Robert (1996), Genesis. Translation and Commentary | TOAZ.INFO

Book 2 The Main Stalk: A Synthesis of Navajo Philosophy – John R. Farella – Google Livres

Book 4:–the-Navajo-creation-story/18Y7rzpP7WU/


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