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The Development of An Infants Brain and Social Science Essay


The primary goal for the assignment is to demonstrate that you understand and have insight into the period of infant / toddler for each age group. A secondary goal is to demonstrate understanding of theories of human development as a psychological foundation for life and for teaching.

You will do this by:

Asking three developmentally-relevant questions for each age group (3 questions for infants and three for toddlers) that can be answered through your readings and research;

Collecting data and notes through our course modules and online research of theorist and children in each age group;

Using the data and research collected to answer each of your questions;

  1. Analyzing whether research support or challenge theories of development for the age group and describe in detail each development domain (social, emotional, physical and/or cognitive).
  2. Reflect on your experience as a researcher and student of human development.
  3. Required components
  4. Section 1: Theory based questions – Based on your reading of the relevant modules, formulate 3 original developmentally-significant questions that can be answered through research.
  5. For each age group:

Describe its theoretical basis (What in the course material made you think of this particular question?);

Explain its practical significance for understanding human development and/or addressing policy issues (Why is this question important to answer?).

Section 2: Analysis of the Data

  1. In this section, you apply theories from the textbook (Wittmer, D. S., & Petersen, S. H. (2017). Infant and Toddler Development and Responsive Program Planning. (4th edition) ) and your research to your data, and you assess whether your questions were answered and what those answers are. This section is the heart of your paper and includes a detailed examination of your data.

For each of your three questions:

  1. State the question. Then list the relevant observed behaviors from videos or a child you know that you can safely observe. Child must be within the age range for this assignment.

For each question you asked, explain how the data (research) used to answer your question. Link specific behaviors researched to the individual mechanics of the theories you choose to apply. Make sure you are specific and demonstrate that you understand each theory. If you were not able to answer a question, explore reasons. For example, what other kind(s) of data or types of research might have been more useful? What should you have seen if the theory is correct?

In total, you must use at least two theories: use a different theory for each question. At least two theories must be from the textbook chapters’ specific to the age group observed. Include full citations for the references you use: do not use someone else’s ideas or words without All papers will be cited and written in APA format. Papers submitted for grade that do not follow this will be given as score of zero (0) and will not be made-up.

Section 3: Summary & Reflection

Answer these questions (one complete paragraph for each question):

What did you learn about the developmental theories you chose to discuss? What did you learn overall about development at this stage, including how to care for or teach children of this age?

Reflect on the meaning of this assignment for you personally. (Be clear and detailed in this section and how you may have felt about the switch of the assignment mid-semester. Consider the following questions: Thinking about your own experiences from this age, what is most interesting about the data you collected? What insights into your past has this project inspired? How will the lessons you learned through this project impact your future behavior in general or as a professional?


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