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The Effort to Measure the Program Effectiveness Discussion

I need a response to the discussion question below:

Discussion Response:

Currently, I work at a crisis residential for adults struggling with mental health needs and/or co-occurring substance abuse. The program is short-term, lasting from 2-4 weeks depending on the severity of the client’s needs. While in program clients can expect to participate in four daily group therapy sessions, individual and family therapy, as well as two weekly sessions with a psychiatrist to assist clients with medication management to stabilize clients in crises (National Psychiatric Care & Rehabilitation Services, 2021, p.1).

The main goal of the program is to stabilize the client so that they can return home to their lives. How we accomplish that is by medication management, psychiatric interventions, as well a therapy session by trained clinicians.

Within 24hrs-72hrs clients are assessed by the nursing and the clinical team to discover what their needs are to help stabilize and improve overall well-being. Adjustment may be made to their current medication routine or new medication may be introduced. Mental health workers, the clinical team, as well as nursing staff all play a vital roll in monitoring the client while in program to assess if a particular medication is working, and to assist them with emotional support when a crises arise.

Questionnaire such as the PHQ 9 and GAD 7 are used to assess a client’s anxiety and depression level upon admission and completion of the program (efficacy,2021, p.1). The questionnaires assess a client’s anxiety and depression levels within the last two weeks of entering the program. The night before discharge, clients complete the questionnaires again with hopes that their scores will be lower than they were at admission.

Outcomes are measured by a client’s ability to complete the program by group participation, medication management, individual and group therapy, the utilization and development of coping tools to be used when stressors occur, and improved PHQ 9 and GAD 7 scores.

I would evaluate the programs success by utilizing the logic model of research methods by reviewing the programs mission and how the program measures it’s success by inputs (contracts with other providers), activities (group and individual therapy sessions), outputs (client’s satisfaction level/improved PHQ 9 and GAD 7 scores), outcomes (program satisfaction/ability for client to stabilize), and indicators (PHQ and GAD 7 questionnaires/surveys) (Yegidis, Weinbach, & Myers , 2018, p.151).

I would use tools such as the PHQ and GAD 7 questionnaires at admission and program completion, develop a survey of program satisfaction with some incentive attached ($5-$10 gift card) to explore if the program has met the client’s needs, program satisfaction and dislikes, suggestions for program improvements, as well as the client’s opinion of their readiness stepping back into their everyday lives. After the surveys have been completed I would present the information to the program director to explore if program changes are needed, or to see if certain aspects of the program need to be enhanced, or eliminated.


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