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The Four-Layered Instructional Design Model Paper & PPT

Research Discussion- Application of VR

Read paper 14 – Modeling the Instructional Design of a Language Training for Professional Purposes, Using Augmented Reality page 205 

Take a practical look at the application of Virtual Reality. The paper chosen presents the instructional design of a language-training model for professional and vocational purposes on behalf of the Swiss railway industry, specifically designed for German-speaking train drivers and train operators who work for the Schweizerische Südostbahn (SOB). In fact, around 50 train drivers and train operators need to learn Italian and communicate clearly and confidently in this language by 2021. Augmented Reality (AR), specifically the Blippar app, is used here as an additional and motivating guide to learning technical terms and nouns, verbs, and dialogue structures, in short: essential railway communication features between train drivers and train operators.
After carefully reading and comprehending this article, you critically examine the claims presented in achieving the goal of considerable improvement of learning a new language using AR.

Address the following:

Briefly explain and critically      analyze the four-layered instructional design model. You should look at it      from an external research point of view by looking at relevant research.

Provide your evaluation of the      AR training sequence proposed in this case study.

What is your evaluation of the      following statement?

AR technology has the      capability to add motivation to the learning experience because adult      learners become active instructional designers of their own learning      content.


Keep in mind that you are looking at a very relevant problem to your own life as a student. We see everyday students struggle with analytical tools (Statistical regression, hypothesis testing, linear programing, AHP, optimization, OR, etc.). So, make sure you look at the existing research in the application of learning technology for the CI courses.

You are required to:

Prepare a written report that contains the details of your presentation :

PowerPoint presentation 8 slides Max. each slide 7 bullets only, write notes. 


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