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The Impact of Technology on Journalism Research Paper


The purposes of this paper are for you to focus on a specific area of communication research, determine a research gap, and propose a research study that would fill that gap.

IMPORTANT: Yours MUST be a Communication topic!


In general, you should:

Select a context (interpersonal, media, cultural, etc.) and at least two variables that you would like to research. Define these variables conceptually, citing previous research when necessary.

Summarize results from previous research (journal articles) about your topic.

Develop an argument for your research, where you justify that your research topic is worthy of investigation. Why should this research be conducted?  Where is the “gap” in research?

More specifically, your paper should have the following format:

Introductory paragraph(s) (Do NOT use a heading)

In 1-2 paragraphs you should introduce your topic, and briefly justify the selection of your topic within the study of communication.  Cite some articles.  What has past research missed about your topic (i.e, the “however…” statement for your gap)?  Also, write a clear purpose statement of this paper (“The purpose of this paper is . . .”) and then preview the main points of the paper.

  1. Minimum of three main body paragraphs (Use Research Background heading.)
  2. Here you should first identify your variables and define them conceptually (cite articles); be sure to label them as independent and dependent.  What specifically are the variables?  Second, present your research argument in more detail.  What has past research discovered about your topic (cite previous results from articles)?  What still needs to be studied about your topic (gap)?  End this section with at least one hypothesis using the format we learned in class.  See the Writing Hypotheses Guide above.
  3. Conclusion paragraph(s) (Use Conclusion as a heading.)

Here you should summarize the paper and give a concluding statement of the gap that you suggested in the paper.  Also, explain how investigating this communication topic might benefit the communication discipline.  Argue why your research study is necessary.  Cite articles.


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