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The Learning Theory Is Contemporarily My Most Preferred One Discussion

Pick one of the theory in the book(I picked the learning theory) and explain how the knowledge will help you raise your children to be morally well rounded human beings (at least 5 sentences) and then reply to these 3 students below (5 sentences each)

1) Learning theory explains how children learn from behaviors that are reinforced or not. Behavior that is reinforced will be repeated; behavior that is not reinforced will cease. (Berns,457)

Children not only learn from consequences of their own actions, but also learn from their role models, observing the consequences of actions of who they love. They imitate the role model’s behavior.

I choose Learning theory because it gives the parents the responsibility to act as they want the children to act. In my opinion, modeling is the most significant and effective technique to teach.

2) One social cognitive theory that is important to understand when raising children to be morally well rounded human beings is the Learning Theory. It’s like a boy who throws water onto another person, and the boy got in trouble for his actions. Do you think hes going to do it again? No cause hes going to learn his actions. The basic principle of the Learning Theory is that “actions are contingent on consequences—behavior that is reinforced (rewarded) will be repeated; behavior that is not reinforced (ignored or punished) will cease (but may be suppressed)” (Berns, 457)

3) One of the theories in Berns book is Information Processing Theory. “Information processing refers to the way an individual attends to, perceives, interprets, remembers, and acts on events or situations” (page 458). The Information Processing model is another way of examining and understanding how children develop cognitively. This theory stood out to me because I think it is important to understand how each child learns and processes information. It is also important to remember that everyone learns and processes information differently. I think that whether someone has ADHD or dyslexia, they deserve to learn the same as their peers that are “normal”. I will definitely make sure to teach my children that. It doesn’t how long it takes a child to learn and process something. I believe that this is something every teacher should know.


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