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The Public Health History Discussion

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Instructions below along with resources needed. Minimum length of 3 paragraphs. The link to the ebook is below along with information as well as the link to the What is Public Health website.

Link for What is Public Health website:

Link for course ebook will be shared

Getting Started

This assignment will review the historical context of public health as a discipline, including the foundational concepts of disease prevention, health protection, and health promotion and education of populations. As you read about the historical factors serving as an impetus for launching the public health system, parallels with current population health needs will be established. In addition, you will explore the core functions and essential services provided by the public health system in the United States.

Upon successful completion of these activities, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the core functions and essential services provided to populations through the public health system.


  • Textbook: Public Health Nursing: Population-centered Health Care in the Community
  • Website: Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH)

Background Information

Public health plays many important roles in your community. From food and water safety, air quality, and the prevention and control of communicable diseases, to the recording of birth and death certificates, surveillance of morbidity and mortality rates, and the inspections of restaurants, campgrounds, swimming pools, and daycare centers, the public health system touches the lives of every citizen in the United States. The core functions and essential services performed by public health professionals are numerous and varied, yet each is foundational to the health of the overall population.

In this assignment, you will review the historical aspects of public health practice in order to discern its role in promoting the health of populations today. Additionally, you will closely examine the core functions and essential services of public health and how they relate to current healthcare issues in the United States.


  1. Review the appropriate rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. Read Chapters 2 and 7, review Chapters, 1, 46, in the textbook, Public Health Nursing: Population-centered Health Care in the Community.
  3. Visit the “What is Public Health” page at the ASPPH website to learn more about the impact of public health, as well as integral public health resources within the United States. Note: This website includes a large amount of information on a wide variety of different topics. Tailor your reading on this website to relevant areas of personal interest.
  4. Respond to the following:
    1. Discuss the historical significance of public health, its beginnings, and where it is today. Why was public health originated, and how does this origin relate to the three core functions currently guiding public health practice today?
    2. Research as many roles and settings as you can identify of the public health nurse today. A minimum of five roles/settings should be identified. Briefly explain what they would do in this role.
    3. Based on your assigned readings, compare and contrast past public health issues with present public health issues. Specifically, discuss the similarities and differences which are evident.


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