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The State University of New Jersey New Brunswick Piscataway Full Metal Jacket Summary

Write a brief summary about the movie (1 page). You should not only answer the questions provided, but also demonstrate the knowledge from this course.  Be specific.  At least one additional reference will be necessary (peer reviewed articles or websites that have .org, .gov, or .edu) and you should have a reference page listing them.  Note: your textbook will be your 1st reference. Make sure you view the movie from a “psychological perspective”.  In other words, watch it with a critical eye as you analyze the characters portrayal of the illness for accuracy.

Here is a link to the movie:

Below are the following questions that need to be answered along with the one page summary.

  1. Describe the character in this film who considered, attempted, or committed suicide..
  2. What were the apparent causes of the character’s suicidal thoughts or attempt(s)? Are these typical causes for suicidality?
  3. Was there any indication that this character was mentally ill? If so, provide a diagnosis and justify your answer. Are people with this type of mental illness commonly at risk for suicide? Justify your response.
  4. Did the character give any type of warnings or clues that he/she was considering suicide? If so, what were they? Is this typical for suicidal people?
  5. How closely did the character fit the profile of a person at risk of suicide? Include mention of common risk factors, such as gender or age, as well as environmental stressors that may have been present (e.g., unemployment, social problems, etc.)
  6. If the character actually attempted or completed suicide, discuss the method he/she chose. Is this a common method for people who want to end their lives? Is this a common method for people of this character’s age group or gender? Why or why not?
  7. If the character actually committed suicide, discuss the impact this had on individuals in his/her life. Were their responses realistically portrayed? Why or why not?
  8. Did the film indicate that this character’s suicide attempt could have been prevented? If so, how?


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