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The University of Alabama at Birmingham The Eiffel Tower Discussion

writing about 

  • 1.5 The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
  • Each student is to find an article, online summary, etc., for a construction project completed within the past +/- 50 years.
    • For the purposes of this assignment, just use 1970 as the time limit to write about no projects completed prior to that time
    • Project can be of any type and built in any country.
    • Project just has to be well known enough to have an article (or articles) written about it that are accessible online.
  • (1 pt) Make sure your reference (online article, summary, etc.) is something you can print a pdf copy of as you need to submit a copy as part of your assignment.
  • This assignment is to help you find/understand examples of the 3 main Tasks, applied to 4 main Resources, to achieve 4 main Results
  • Each student will submit a brief engineering report, in a professional format of your choice, that summarizes your findings about the selected project in the following areas
    • (3 pts) Provide a brief overview of the project you are using for your report
    • (3 pts) Identify an example of one of the 3 Main Tasks for your project. Briefly describe why you define your example as one of the 3 Main Tasks.
      • Plan
      • Organize
      • Control
    • (3 pts) Identify an example of one of the 4 Main Resources for your project. Briefly describe how that Resource was utilized in your example project.
      • Manpower
      • Machines
      • Materials
      • Money
    • (3 pts) Identify an example of one of the 4 Main Results for your project. Briefly describe why you think your project achieved the Result you observed in the reference information.
      • Safety
      • Cost
      • Quality
      • Schedule
    • (3 pts) Consider a second example of the 4 Main Resources from the one you discussed previously. Based on your reference information, do you think there was opportunity for the project team to achieve an improved Result if different Planning, Organizing or Controlling (i.e. one of the 3 Main Tasks) had been applied for that Resource?


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