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The University of Alabama Writing Process Reflection

Write a short 500-600 word response reflecting on the choices you made crafting the writing assignment that you just completed, why you made them, and what kind of effect you hope they will have. Try to connect your reflection to the key terms and mentor texts we’ve been studying through this unit.

  • What did you learn in doing this writing project about writing itself? How does this new knowledge about writing connect to what you already knew about writing from the previous unit or any writing situations from before you took this class? How do you want this knowledge to apply to the next writing project?
  • How did this writing project shape your understanding of the key terms rhetorical situation and genre as well as any other key terms you feel were significant to this essay? (Other key terms we have discussed this semester include reflection, audience, purpose, context, knowledge, and discourse community, to name a few.)
  • What ideas from the mentor text, “Ten Ways to Think About Writing,” did you find particularly useful in developing your understanding of writing? (See the course calendar for a recap of which sections we covered in Unit 2.)
  • In what ways was this essay less personal than the last one? In what ways was it still personal? How do you anticipate the argumentative essay of the next unit will be even less personal? Why do you feel this transition is important?
  • How do you anticipate you will carry these skills forward with you? Consider the next unit as well as English Comp. II, both of which focus on argument (with Comp. II also incorporating an element of research). Next, consider the classes you will take in your major (if you have one). Finally, consider how you will transfer these skills into your life beyond academia, particularly the career field you plan to go into (again, if you already know what you want to do).
  • Support your answer with examples from both the mentor text and the completed Unit 2 essay assignment.


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