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The University of South Florida Global Ecopolitics Book Discussion

GUIDELINES for answering your First Book of Choice discussion questions (using books listed as required – NOT Vaughn’s E-BOOK).  You can use Dobson’s Environmental Politics: A Very Short Introduction, Global Ecopolitics, or Solved). These questions are mandatory and meant to make you think about your responses — but have some fun at it too by being as creative as you wish. YOU CAN USE YOUR BOOK from your Book Critique for this question if you wish but not for both Discussion Question Assignment’s 1 and 2 (separate assignments). 

You do not need to read the entire book, since you can choose an environmental theme, problem or even what seems to be a “solution” to an environmental issue.  

1) Share your critique, for example, of a problem and, if any “solution” listed in the book. This could be in another book too, per above in your list of course books. … pick 1 possible solution to the from your book (it could be one of your favorite solutions/themes or one you don’t care for, etc. – playing devil’s advocate) and state why you favor (or not) this “solution.” Again, make this creative, and I leave that up to you since you have many many choice of how to work through this assignment. There are no wrong answers here. This is an exercise in critical thinking. Hope you enjoy it!

— What are the main strengths and any weaknesses of this solution? 

— State whatever else you want to in order to support your argument. 

— You just need to make sure you write at least 350 words and, yes, you may write more but it is not necessary.  

— Reply to another student’s post and comment on their “solution” … be respectful and there is set minimum word count here. Just a couple sentences will do.  Write more if you wish and you want your fellow student to consider your suggestions/critique!!!you must have access to one of the books: 

“Global Ecopolitics” by Peter Stoett, ISBN: 97814875878955.

“Solved” by David Miller, ISBN: 978148750682 


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