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The University of Tennesse W8 Ineffective & Effective Communication Discussion

1. Watch video clip (14 min.)

2. After observing ineffective & effective communication in the video, answer the following questions:

  • Identify at least 3 examples of ineffective communication
  • Identify at least 3 examples of effective communication

this is the student post you respond too

RE: Module 8 Discussion Board


Identify at least 3 examples of ineffective communication.

  • The daughter is speaking for the patient rather than having the patient be in control of their care, which is ineffective in bringing both perspectives together. The patient also has requests, but if the daughter speaks for the patient, the patient will feel a loss of control and lack of being heard. This could lead to poor health outcomes because the patient is not involved in their care.
  • There is no establishment of a power of attorney, which is why communication to the family is hindered. Establishing a power of attorney or having established family members who have consent to the patient’s health records is in the best interest for the family to prevent future issues of lack of communication. This is considered a legal reason for ineffective communication.
  • In the initial scenario, the feelings of the daughter were not being addressed, which led to an escalation of emotions from the daughter. Although the patient is the center of the case, speaking therapeutically to the daughter is important, because care coordination is successful when caregivers are involved. The care coordinator’s poor communication to the daughter will lead to further confusion and agitation.

Identify at least 3 examples of effective communication.

  • Body language is important in a conversation, because how someone sits, or stands can portray their power in the conversation and their openness to communicate. The best position to be in with the family and the care coordinator is at the kitchen table, where everyone is at the same level and facing each other. This ensures that there is an open flow of communication and that not one person feels like they are being attacked.
  • The care coordinator used the therapeutic technique of restatement when speaking about the daughter’s feelings. He recognized that the daughter is afraid of her mother falling again and feels guilty for living far away. By using this therapeutic technique, the daughter feels like the care coordinator understands her perspective and will be more receptive to finding a solution collaboratively.
  • The care coordinator also used the therapeutic technique of verbalizing the implied when he states that the patient wants a “sense of independence” after expressing that they did not want to go into the nursing home. By using this technique, the care coordinator can bring in the patient’s perspective to the daughter and ensures that the patient’s requests are also honored, since the daughter was initially overwhelming the conversation.


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